Capping Machines

Can sealing machine


Possible standard can diameters: 73, 99 and up to 200 mm
Height of cans: from 33 to 119 mm
Productivity: 200-220 boxes/hour
Power: 600 W
Height: 600 mm
Weight: 20 kg

The machine is set up with easy open caps!




Closing metal cans with a diameter of 99 mm

Height of cans: 2 – 12 cm

Pneumatic Cap Sealer CORONA for Beer, Wine, etc



Diameter of bottle caps: 26mm crown caps
Bottle height: less than 400mm
Production capacity: 20-30b/min
Air pressure requirement: 0.7MPA
Machine size: 100×150×530 mm
PACKAGE SIZE: 180x210x620 mm
Weight: 4 kg

Machine for closing plastic caps with pumps

Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical

Driven type: Electric

Automatic degree: Semi-automatic

Voltage: AC220V/ 50-60HZ

Packaging type: Bottles

Dimensions (L*W*H): 650*350*580 mm

Weight: 30 kg

Using air source: 0.4-0.6mpa

Bottle diameter: 32-80 mm

Bottle height: 32-300 mm

Speed: 20-30pcs/min

Air compressor required

Semi-automatic machine for closing plastic and metal caps

Voltage: AC 220V/ 50-60Hz
Power: 40W
Cap diameter:
10-25/25-35/35-50 mm/30-80 mm
Bottle height: 40-200 mm
Speed: 30-45 pcs/min
Size of the machine: 430*404*580 mm
Weight: 20 kg

Closing machine for metal bottle caps

Voltage: 220V 50-60hz
Power: 0.37KW
Suitable caps with Diameter: φ20-40mm
Height of bottle cap: 7-35 mm
Appropriate bottle height: 50-330 mm
Speed: 900-1000 bottles/h
Net Weight/Gross Weight: 54kg/66kg
Machine size: 55*92*35 cm

Closing machine for metal bottle caps


Automaticity: Semi-automatic

Voltage:  220 V

Power: 370 W

Product diameter: 39-150 mm

Height: 39-200 mm
Sealing speed: 25 channels/min
Machine size: 600*340*840 mm
Weight: 65 kg

This machine can be customized according to the box size.

Manual sealing machine for plastic buckets with foil, f-90-95 mm

Manual clipping machine for sausages and other products

Clips for manual clipping machine - 4000 pieces/box

Manual clipping machine for envelopes, nets, etc.

Pneumatic BAG IN BOX machine for filling and closing wine, juice, oil, etc

Manual BAG IN BOX device for closing wine, juice, oil, etc

Horizontal bag sealing machine

Vertical bag sealing machine

Belt Electric Conveyor, 150×20 cm

Operating speed: 0-82 feet/min (adjustable)

Voltage: 220V/60Hz

Material: Stainless steel 304 + PVC

Weight: 22 kg

Heat shrink tunnel machine. Tunnel size: 400x200 mm (h), 6,5 kW - adjustable

Heat shrink tunnel machine. Tunnel size: 400x200 mm (h), 6,5 kW - adjustable

Semi-automatic carton sealing machine with tape

Perfect work and easy setup
Speed: 20m/min
Minimum carton dimensions, LxWxH: 150х150х120 mm
Maximum carton dimensions, LxWxH: 500 х500х500
Two mechanisms for moving the carton with lateral placement. Two adhesive heads with top and bottom placement.
El. power supply: 230 volts
Machine dimensions, LxWxH: 1000х850х1360 mm
Weight: 125 kg

Bag in Box Filler

Induction capping-sealing machine with electromagnetic induction on foil cap


Pneumatic closing machine for twist-off caps for jars

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
20-3000 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
1-100 gr ............................................ 1-250 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
10-1000 gr


Стек машина, термо тунел, 40*20 см

Вертикална залепваща машина

Хоризонтална залепваща машина

Машина за затвряне на пластмасови капачки

Машина за затваряне на пластмасови капачки

Alcohol Brewing Distiller 50/20/70 L NEW

Material: 304 stainless steel
Color: Silver
Capacity: 50 L

Fermentation tank size: Φ400×400 mm
Brewing time: 1~2 hours (including heating time)
Condensation barrel size: Φ140×280 mm

Power source: Electric 220V
Diameter of the cauldron: 40 cm
Height of the cauldron: 40 cm

End product: Water and alcohol


Aluminum carport with polycarbonate

Alcohol Brewing Distiller – 20/50/70 L

Material: stainless steel + red copper
Cauldron/vessel capacity: 19 l
Cauldron size: diameter 30 cm
Thumper Keg Size: 18×10 cm
Condenser capacity: 3.5 L
Condenser Size: 20×11 cm
Copper coil diameter: 10 mm

Product weight: 6 kg

Voltage: 220V