Batch filter with stainless steel pump.

Pump for Olio, olive oil and other liquids.

Priming and reversible pump suitable for transporting oil and olive oil. The pump is made of bronze. With electrical switch changes the direction of the electric motor that can operate in both directions – in clockwise or counterclockwise.


Productivity – 900 l / h

Power – 0,6 hp

Weight – 5 kg

Vacuum pump for machines / Mini compressor.

Vacuum pump RS-1.

Voltage: 220 V / 60 HZ;

Capacity of oil: 250 ml UPC;

Mini compressor – 3 l. Silent – 47 dB for dental and cosmetic studio.

Type: piston;

Power: 1 / 6HP (124 W);

Automatically start pressure: 3 bar / 43 psi

Automatic stop: 4 bar / 57 psi

Capacity of the tank: 3 l

Electrical cable: 1.9 m

Connector: 1/8 “BSP

Airbrushing with nozzle 0.2 – 1 mm

Тегло: 5.2 кг

Batch Filter.

Batch filter 20 x 20 cm -12 plates – with a pump. The pump is going for wine, juices, spirits, distillate, alcohol and other liquids quiet.

The filters of the series “Colombo” are batch filters operating with filter sheets with dimensions 20 x 20 cm. The Model “Colombo 12 INOX” is about 12 pieces of filter sheets. The model has a pump frame and end plates made entirely of stainless steel. Capacity: 500 liters / hour.

The filter consists of 13 plates, made from high-quality plastic.

Quick installation. Easy and quick change of burden and significant reduction in spillage of liquid during the filtration. Suitable for filtration of all liquid foods, especially for wine.

Filtration of this model can be used 12 pieces of filter sheets and the results of the filtration are totally dependent on the density of the charge – the more dense is the one batch, the purified product is.


Capacity: 500 liters / hour.

Dimensions (mm) 360 x 300 x 280 h.

Weight: 16 kg.