Labeling Machines

Labeling machine for flat bottles and jars, for 1-2 labels



Power: 180w
Speed of labeling: 10-15 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±0,5 mm
Minimum inside diameter: ≥Ø75 mm
Maximum roll diameter: 260 mm
Label width: 20-150 mm
Label length: 30-150 mm

Labeling machine for round, square and multangular bottles





The machine glues square (rectangular) and cylindrical objects – bottles, boxes, etc. Fully mechanical, very easy and convenient to operate, productivity about 500-600 per hour

Labeling machine for flat bottles


Voltage: 220V 50Hz /60Hz Power: 120W
Size (L*W*H): 60*40*60 cm
Weight: 35kg
Certificate: CE
Label width:
25-70 mm
Label length: 25-120 mm

Labeling machine for cylindrical bottles


Size of the machine: 640* 350*460 mm
Applicable bottles with diameter: 12-90 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Outer diameter of label roll: 250 mm
Inner diameter of label roll: 76 mm
Speed of labeling: 20-25 pieces/min
Voltage: 220V
Labeling accuracy: +/- 0,5 mm
Power: 1
20 w

Labeling machine with date code printer

Power: 220W
Speed of labeling: 25-50 pieces/min
Labeling accuracy: ± 0,5 mm
Applicable bottles with diameter: 15-120 mm
Inside diameter of the label: ≥ Φ75 mm
Max. label unfold diameter: ≤ Φ275 mm
Min. size of the label: W20mm * L10 mm
Max. size of the label: W150mm * L230 mm
Printer: Yes
Size of the machine: 65*45 *65 cm
Gross weight: 35 kg

The efficiency is up to 40 pieces/min

Manual labeling machine 135 mm

Labeling speed: 10-30 times/min

Labeling accuracy: 0,5 mm

Min. inner diameter of label roll: 75 mm

Max. label roll diameter: 180 mm

Size of the product: 18 mm to 135 mm

Label width: 10-110 mm

Label length: 10-300 mm

Size of the machine: 380*200 *270 mm

Manual labeling machine 165 mm

Label core diameter: 76 mm
Label rolling diameter: ≤160 mm
Bottle diameter: 15-120 mm

H: ≤340 mm
Label width: 10-165 mm
Label length: 10-300 mm
Speed: 15-20 bottles/min
Net weight: About 8 kg

Label Applicator - Label Dispenser

Power: 220V
Applicable label length: 3-150 mm

Applicable label width: 4-140 mm
Outer label diameter 25/50 mm
Speed: 1-8 M/min
Display: 6-digit LED

Count range: 0-999999
Size: 210W x 210D x 220 h


Input power: AC 100-240V 50HZ/60HZ
Rated power: 20W

Outer diameter of the roller: 200 mm
Label height: 3-100 mm
Label width: 10-162 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Automatic tape cutter dispenser

Tape size: 20 – 999 mm
Applicable tape width: 7 – 50 mm (3 inch reel)
Reel/spool diameter: 25/35/76 mm
Deviation: ±2 mm
Power: 20W

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
20-3000 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
1-100 gr ............................................ 1-250 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
10-1000 gr


Стек машина, термо тунел, 40*20 см

Вертикална залепваща машина

Хоризонтална залепваща машина

Машина за затваряне на капачки за буркани

Машина за затвряне на пластмасови капачки

Машина за затваряне на пластмасови капачки

Alcohol Brewing Distiller 50/20/70 L NEW

Material: 304 stainless steel
Color: Silver
Capacity: 50 L

Fermentation tank size: Φ400×400 mm
Brewing time: 1~2 hours (including heating time)
Condensation barrel size: Φ140×280 mm

Power source: Electric 220V
Diameter of the cauldron: 40 cm
Height of the cauldron: 40 cm

End product: Water and alcohol


Alcohol Brewing Distiller – 20/50/70 L

Material: stainless steel + red copper
Cauldron/vessel capacity: 19 l
Cauldron size: diameter 30 cm
Thumper Keg Size: 18×10 cm
Condenser capacity: 3.5 L
Condenser Size: 20×11 cm
Copper coil diameter: 10 mm

Product weight: 6 kg

Voltage: 220V