Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This bottle labeling machine gets ideal effect in actually use in light industries just like food,drink and others,which need pretty package.It brings more standard and quick logo with high cost performance,semi-automatic and handy means that can take less power drain and space.The color ribbon coder is a table type semi-automatic machine,and brings big improvements in work efficiency.With motor and touching control by limit switch and with small volume, which can be suitable for matching with the vertical filling packing machine.

Featuring simple operation and convenient maintenance. Strict compliance with the instruction manual is part of the requirements of this machine. Moreover,It has a reasonable structure,reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling.
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about the condition
Voltage: 220V
Labeling Accuracy: +/-0.5mm;
Motor power: 120W;
Dimensions of the machine: 640*350*460mm;
Applicable bottles of diameter: 12-90mm;
Weight: 25 kg;
Label Roll External Diameter: 250mm; Label Roll Inner Diameter: 76mm;
Labeling Speed: 50pcs/min;





Manuel labeling machine.






Labeling machine for cylindrical bottles.

Labeling machine with printer date and batch.

Power: 220 W;

Label Speed: 25-50 pcs. /min;

Label accuracy: ± 0.5 mm;

Applicable cylinders with diameter: 15-120 mm;

Вътрешен диаметър на етикета: ≥ Φ 75 mm;

Maximum diameter of label expansion: ≤ Φ 275 mm;

Minimum size of Label: W 20 mm * L 10 mm;

Maximum label size: W 150 mm * L 230 mm;

Printer: Yes;

Machine Size: 65 * 45 * 65 cm;

Weight: 35 kg;

  • Suitable for labeling of round bottle in different sizes;
  • The position of the bottle is regulated;





Labeling machines for flat bottles





Label Applicator

Labeling machine for paper labels.

·        Applicable objects: Cylindrical

·        The range of the diameter of the labeling (mm): Φ30 ~ Φ120;

·        The range of height of the labeled object (mm ) 30 ~ 230;

·        The scope of label (mm): length: 80 ~ 280, high; 40 ~ 175;

·        Speed: 15 ~ 25 pcs / min;

·        Precision: ± 1 mm;

·        Power: 220V 50 / 60HZ;

·        Weight: 37 kg;

Dimensions (mm) ( L x W x H) 630 x 430 x 330;




Labeling machine for cylindrical and flat bottles.

Labeling machines for flat and cylindrical bottles, jars, boxes, etc.

The machine is glued square (rectangular) and cylindrical objects – bottles, cans, etc.

Completely mechanical, very easy and convenient to work, production about 500-600 bottles per hour.

The machine is Italian production!

Labeling machine for coating of labels.

Conveying Belt

Belt from the ground height: 750MM(29 1/2 inches):
Operating speed: 0-82 ft / min (adjustable)
Rated voltage: 220V/60HZ
PVC Belt Electric Conveyor Machine
Total power: 250W Overall dimensions: 1500 x 250 x 750 mm (59 x 10 x 29.5 inches)
Mainly used: Metal, plastic bags, paper boxes, cartons, labels Material: Stainless steel 304 + PVC
Features: code machine, laser machine on, printing code
Weight: 22 kg(48 lbs)
1 x Belt Conveyor Machine

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Guardrail Set