Packing Machines

Semi-automatic machine for sealing boxes with tape (top and bottom)



Speed: 20m/min
Minimum dimensions of the box: (LxWxH): 150х150х120 mm
Maximum dimensions of the box: (LxWxH): 500х500х500 mm
Two mechanisms for moving boxes with side location
Two adhesive heads with upper and lower disposal
Rated voltage: 230 V
Dimensions of the machine – L х W х H: 1000х850х1360 mm
Weight: 125 kg

Thermal shrink tunnel machine, 400*200 mm

Voltage: 220V
Power: 6.5KW
Wight: 44 кг

Dimensions of the machine: 120*52*67 cm
Dimensions of the tunnel: 40×20 cm/h
Load: 5 kg max
Speed: 0-10 m/min

Wrapping stack machine, 40*20 cm

220/380 V
Power: ≤6,5KW – Adjustable

Efficiency of work: 40*20 cm
Load: 7 kg max
Speed: 0-10 m/min
Dimensions of the machine: 120* 65*90 cm

Shrink machine

Type: BS4535
Voltage: 380V 50/60Hz
Power: 9kw
Size of the thermal tunnel: 1200*450*350 mm h
Machine dimensions: 1600*850*830 mm
Transport speed: 0-10 m/min

Transport load: 10 kg

Horizontal plastic bag sealing machine

Joint sealing width: 450 mm
Voltage: 220V

Power: 500W
Sealing width: 5-16 mm

Vertical plastic bag sealing machine


Sealing width: 6-15 mm

Sealing thickness: 2-8 mm

Dimensions: 81*37*62 cm
Wight: 23 кг
Temperature control range: 0-300 ℃

Stainless steel belt conveyor machine

Manual plastic paper cup sealing machine, 90/95 mm

Manual U-shape sausage clipping machine, 11,5*11,5 mm

Pneumatic BAG IN BOX machine for filling and closing wine, juice, oil, etc

Manual BAG IN BOX device for closing wine, juice, oil, etc

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
20-3000 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
1-100 gr ............................................ 1-250 gr

Weight-dosing machine for grain and powder products,
10-1000 gr


Стек машина, термо тунел, 40*20 см

Вертикална залепваща машина

Хоризонтална залепваща машина

Машина за затваряне на капачки за буркани

Машина за затвряне на пластмасови капачки

Машина за затваряне на пластмасови капачки

Alcohol Brewing Distiller 50/20/70 L NEW

Material: 304 stainless steel
Color: Silver
Capacity: 50 L
Fermentation tank size: Φ400×400 mm
Brewing time: 1~2 hours (including heating time)
Condensation barrel size: Φ140×280 mm
Power source: Electric 220V
Diameter of the cauldron: 40 cm
Height of the cauldron: 40 cm